Buying A Tent? - High 5 Considerations

You may be considering buying a tent and be fully overwhelmed with the available options.
There are literally hundreds of various types made by over a dozen totally different manufacturers. Nevertheless, when you think about what you're really attempting to perform it becomes much easier to slender down the list of options.

1. Use

An important factor for tent choice is use. As you think about use you need to consider the burden of the tent and the way typically you can be setting up. If you are hiking or touring you desire a tent that's lightweight, straightforward to setup and tear down. If you'll be staying in a single location you will be more concerned with overall comfort of tent.
This ought to come first because in case you are hiking with a big group you could think that you need a big tent, however then one individual gets stuck carrying a heavy tent vs. everyone carrying lightweight single tents.

2. Dimension

Closely related to the issue of use is the class of size. Dimension is typically defined by the number of people that can sleep in the tent. Most skilled campers advocate getting a tent bigger than the number of individuals that will truly be sleeping in the tent.
For instance, a family of four could wan to consider getting a 6 individual tent so there is ample room to move round and store any items that need to be saved out of the rain. Another suggestion is to get a tent referred to as a viz-a-viz. These tents have two compartments.

Maybe the kids get one side and the dad and mom the opposite or sleeping on one side and gear on the other.

3. Setup Effort

Setup effort is once more tied to use. If you'll be hiking and touring you want a tent that's easy to setup and tear down. If you will be staying in place for more than a week you want a tent that may take longer, Moistureproof Mattress however has the opportunity to use guy lines, stakes and other options to maintain the tent sturdy and dry.

4. Weather Conditions (Season)

Tent manufacturers also categorize their tents by season. Season is associated with the materials and workmanship that goes into the tent. Typically, a one season tent is for use in the summertime and is capable of dealing with light wind and rain. A 3 season is for spring, summer and fall.
A 4 season tent is designed to deal with heavy snowfall, robust winds and rain. These tents are typically categorized as expedition tents.

5. Value

The last consideration is cost. While some tents may seem costly at several hundred dollars or more in the event you consider how much it costs to stay in a hotel, hire an RV or other shelter the value a tent supplies is tough to beat. For the price of a single night in a hotel you can have a shelter that you can use for years to come.

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